‘Get Back’ – alternatives to a better yesterday

It will be 55 years this month since the Beatles’ iconic, rooftop performance on Saville Row. This was the end of an era, end of a dream. With any luck, this year will see the end of a nightmare. The Conservatives have taken British politics to an all time low. The public are losing faith,…

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Ecology and Equity – The Economics of Sustainable Inclusion

  As Labour prepares for the next General Election it will come under diverging pressures on how to address both the glaring wealth inequalities and the risk of climate breakdown. Some of the avenues that look like solutions would actually make things worse. This short paper explores some of the pitfalls Labour needs to avoid.…

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And who shall I say is calling

The postman was late. My dog pooed in the street. Local schools face budget cuts. The Windrush generation have their citizenship rights threatened, and Terrorists are everywhere. And the link?…It’s all the fault of the Russians. Such is the state of meltdown in national politics that paranoia and misinformation form the principle ‘avoidance’ weapons the…

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