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Beyond the limits of charm

He came, he saw, he hugged them. Who would have believed Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell…

The Corbynomics of Energy

Jeremy Corbyn’s energy and climate manifesto -‘Protecting Our Planet’- occupies a different political space…

The election everyone lost

What infuriated me most about this general election was that never has so much been missed by so many.

After Ozymandias: will Labour miss the energy revolution?

…. Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand…

Energy politics ‘after the Milk Round

News of the 25% collapse in Areva’s share values triggered an unexpected sliver of sympathy in me.

Looking for a Piano Man*

This will be the first Labour Conference in the last 1,000 years to take place without Tony Benn.


Alan's Eco House

Turning a derelict lace hall into an eco home in the middle of Nottingham had some important reasons. It was always how I wanted to live. It was something I had bleated on about for years but not got round to doing...


Transformation Moment

My pamphlet 'Transformation Moment' is intended to support the case for a radical shift in energy thinking; as much about democracy as technology, and about 'systems' rather than just supply.


Early Christmas present: if Theresa May survives the 'no confidence' vote she cannot be challenged again for at least a year. The Tories are stuck with her. Bless.

For the record, what we face is a climate emergency not a Tory party emergency. MPs must be reminded that they risk screwing up something much bigger than their own careers.

Tories about to decide whether No Leader is better than a Bad Leader. Fools Britannia.

Watching the antics of Conservative MPs this morning, you'd be tempted to suggest that local authority care proceedings would be more appropriate than letting them run the country.

Theresa May warns that a second referendum "risks dividing the country". Her decision to hold a snap general election did much the same, but then she called it 'democracy'. We could not be in a greater state of disarray. Let the public decide.

European Court of Justice says Britain does not have to do Brexit 'jump without a parachute'. Brexiteers insist we must - 'there's a whole world of free-fall trade agreements just waiting to catch us'. Would rather believe in Santa.

Safe politics? So, May has opted for a temporary 'withdrawal of withdrawal' Brexit plan. This is the new politicus interuptus - guaranteed to satisfy no one.

not saying it’s exactly like WW1 but a lot of people thought the Brexit wrangling would be over by Christmas

On Thurs Green Cllr Jacqi Hodgson wil put a motion to @DevonCC calling on cllrs to declare a Climate Emergency, pledge to make #Devon carbon neutral by 2030 & report within 6 months what actions the Council will take.

Full motion here:

Agenda item - Declare a Climate Emergency | Democracy in Devon

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