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The Blair Supremacy*: a very British coup

Reading ‘The Blair Supremacy’ is like sitting alongside a skilled forensic scientist as they dissect the multi-layered elements…

The Anatomy of Assassination

A caricature is being carefully constructed. It is the picture of the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, leading a bunch of…

How Labour plotters plan to ‘heal’ everything

Labour is plunging into a fresh leadership election just 10 months into Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The pretext for the challenge…

Labour and The Lies of Others

Britain was broken long before Referendum Thursday. It just took the EU vote to force us all to face this ugly reality.

 Unafraid of the Big Bad Wolves

Uh oh. Just when you thought that energy pricing and profiteering might be reigned in…

Subterranean Referendum Blues

We should all cry over the conduct of Britain’s EU Referendum debate. It is a picture of the nation at its very worst;


Alan's Eco House

Turning a derelict lace hall into an eco home in the middle of Nottingham had some important reasons. It was always how I wanted to live. It was something I had bleated on about for years but not got round to doing...


Transformation Moment

My pamphlet 'Transformation Moment' is intended to support the case for a radical shift in energy thinking; as much about democracy as technology, and about 'systems' rather than just supply.


I understand #r4today focusing on who pays for #netzero, it's an important question. But we'll need to do this stuff, come what may. So, do we do this now, boost the recovery, create jobs & get the economy fit for the future, or are we happy to lag behind?

I’m quoted in this saying what we are all thinking: yes, the targets are world-beating, and that’s great - but where is the policy needed to cut emissions today, tomorrow, this year? Because those future targets will become impossible to meet unless we crack on now

A European football Super league, with guarantees of no relegation from your domestic league?
Brilliant idea. Sheffield United want ‘in’ immediately. Otherwise it’s just a greedy joke.

@AlanSimpson01 Please tell people about this debate:


@AlanSimpson01 Please tell people about this debate:

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