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The election everyone lost

What infuriated me most about this general election was that never has so much been missed by so many.

After Ozymandias: will Labour miss the energy revolution?

…. Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand…

Energy politics ‘after the Milk Round

News of the 25% collapse in Areva’s share values triggered an unexpected sliver of sympathy in me.

Looking for a Piano Man*

This will be the first Labour Conference in the last 1,000 years to take place without Tony Benn.

‘2052’ and a sea of storms.

As the South of England sinks in a morass of flooded homes, or waits for the next river to burst,

M*A*S*H – as ‘smart’ as it gets

Film buffs will remember the stir caused by the release of M*A*S*H in 1970.


Alan's Eco House

Turning a derelict lace hall into an eco home in the middle of Nottingham had some important reasons. It was always how I wanted to live. It was something I had bleated on about for years but not got round to doing...


Transformation Moment

My pamphlet 'Transformation Moment' is intended to support the case for a radical shift in energy thinking; as much about democracy as technology, and about 'systems' rather than just supply.


So, one of Trump's legal advocates will be the person who defended O.J. Simpson and Claus von Bülow. Sounds about right.

We lost this when the Party machine blocked Jeremy & John's desire to run a 'Remain and REFORM' line in the original campaign. Brexit will break up Britain. Back then, we lacked the radical redistribution plans 'Remain' needed to reach into 'left behind Britain'.

Paul Bernal@PaulbernalUK

I still remain unconvinced that going full-Brexit would have helped Labour in any way. It might not even have helped in the ‘Leave’ seats, and would have done immense damage in London, Liverpool, Manchester et al. As well as being wrong in so many other ways.

...whilst making the case for increased use of class A drugs.

Maybe the Govt should just cut APD to zero...for all ELECTRIC flights within the UK; a put up or shut up challenge to zero carbon flying.

Flybe plane at Dusseldorf airport

Government considers new funding for Flybe

The prime minister says there is "no doubt" about the importance of regional airline Flybe.

A small irony that the person most enthusiastically pushed by the membership could not make it past the MPs. Clive is not in the run-off but the issues he's raised won't go away. Transformative change is the only answer to climate breakdown. That's still where you will find him.

Clive Lewis MP@labourlewis

In the spirit of pluralism, diversity and generosity that I’ve promoted throughout this campaign, I’m withdrawing from the leadership contest so that those who’ve supported me can recast their nominations.

He's also one of the few MPs who grasps how little time the climate emergency now gives us. It would be tragic if existential survival also fails to make it to the final ballot.

Hugo Gye@HugoGye

Clive Lewis backs policy of abolishing private schools in #Ridge interview. IMO he could make a good run for it if he makes the final ballot (which is unlikely).

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