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After the Apocalypse

“Everything we do during and after this crisis must be with a strong focus on building more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change, and the many other global challenges we face.” This call could have come from any of the Labour Leadership candidates,…

The Great Unravelling: Part 2

Coronavirus: A Very British Cull The nation is at war. Peacetime production has slumped, foreign travel collapsed, casualties rise. In every part of the country, people anxiously worry about how to avoid the enemy. This time, however, it is germs, not Germans, that we fear. Even the Germans are under attack. Medically, economically and politically,…

The Great Unravelling – a system in meltdown

It didn’t have to be coronavirus. It didn’t have to be Storm Ciara (or Dennis, or Jorge). The delusions of neoliberalism stand at the edge of an implosion just waiting to happen. But, as with the Emperor’s New Clothes, global Leaders are too fearful to say that their economic model has been stripped naked. How quickly delusions crumble.

Après le déluge

Where does Labour go now? Parliament starts the new decade with Labour still in a state of grief…and anger…about its crushing election defeat. It’s a good place to start. If we’re brutally honest, the real grief is not rooted in the depleted number of Labour MPs, nor in the personal tragedy defeat meant for Jeremy…

The Sustainable Lives of Others

International lessons in decentralising Britain’s energy system Britain has to cut its carbon emissions in half within the coming decade to meet the IPCC and Paris climate targets. Decentralised energy will be a key to doing so. Since 2010, financial levers have been skewed in favour of the transnational, the unaccountable and e non-renewable. Smart…

While Rome (or California) burns

At a time riven by contradictions and confusion, it is important to celebrate what’s worth celebrating. Labour’s pre-manifesto pledges – to build only zero-carbon homes from 2022, and to make 27 million homes energy efficient by 2030 – could mark the beginning of a climate politics General Election. Not before time. It isn’t just that…


Alan's Eco House

Turning a derelict lace hall into an eco home in the middle of Nottingham had some important reasons. It was always how I wanted to live. It was something I had bleated on about for years but not got round to doing...


Transformation Moment

My pamphlet 'Transformation Moment' is intended to support the case for a radical shift in energy thinking; as much about democracy as technology, and about 'systems' rather than just supply.


The news that really mattered.

The news that really mattered.

Love the “Just testing out my eyesight” justification of an outing. I can see it appearing on beaches all over Britain.

Seriously. Should we be running a ‘Keep Cummings’ campaign? No one so epitomises a government already seen as shallow, duplicitous and self-serving.
‘Doing a Cummings’ will become the derisory epithet attached to every Ministerial statement that promises what it never delivers.

Spot on question. How many ‘pee stops’ does a 4 year old need between Central London and Durham?
And how many sat-navs urge a detour to Barnard Castle just to savour the quality of the loos?

Andrew Deuchar@AndrewDeuchar1

@AlanSimpson01 With a 4 year old child, how did he make the trip to Durham without stopping, I wonder.

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