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Antigonish Labour?

Labour is lost. I say this in sadness more than anger. Anger is no substitute for answers. It clouds the fact that the Left could be just as lost as the Right. Boris Johnson has bought himself some ill-deserved credibility; slowly loosening the lockdown rules and stepping up the vaccination programme. Both are welcome. But…

Tony Benn: Still our Man for all Seasons

I find it hard to accept it is 7 years since Tony Benn died. I miss his wisdom, foresight, kindness and humour. Worse still, whether the country realises it or not, we are all the poorer for the loss of Benn’s political acumen and vision. Faced with some of the biggest existential challenges in human…

Bert versus the Dismantled State

We do ourselves no favours by treating the current Policing Bill just as an outrageous assault on a public right to protest. It is…Of course it is. But the violence targeted towards the police in Bristol (and the preceding violence by police themselves towards peaceful protesters) masks the scale of the assault on civil liberties…

The Disunited Kingdom – Radical federalism and the search for a new common-wealth

  Do not underestimate the scale of the democratic crisis facing Britain. Don’t kid yourselves either that it isn’t going to get a lot, lot worse. Brexit opened up wounds that will not easily heal. Mythical claims, wrapped up in sovereignty and identity politics, looked a lot different when viewed from the rotting mounds of…

We, the People – The case for Radical Federalism

Radical constitutional reform is no longer an option, it is an unavoidable necessity. The internal conflicts within the structure of the UK must be resolved. This paper is a contribution to the start of that debate, and sets out the reasons for reform, the principles upon which any future reform should be based, and the process for getting there.

Let them eat what?

Governments fall more often from let-downs than lock-downs. That’s why Marcus Rashford’s ‘end child food-poverty’ campaign has thrown British politics into a tiz. Who would have thought a young, black footballer would provide the leadership politics seems to lack. Although Rashford consistently says “This is not about politics: it is about humanity,” everyone understands the…


Alan's Eco House

Turning a derelict lace hall into an eco home in the middle of Nottingham had some important reasons. It was always how I wanted to live. It was something I had bleated on about for years but not got round to doing...


Transformation Moment

My pamphlet 'Transformation Moment' is intended to support the case for a radical shift in energy thinking; as much about democracy as technology, and about 'systems' rather than just supply.


I understand #r4today focusing on who pays for #netzero, it's an important question. But we'll need to do this stuff, come what may. So, do we do this now, boost the recovery, create jobs & get the economy fit for the future, or are we happy to lag behind?

I’m quoted in this saying what we are all thinking: yes, the targets are world-beating, and that’s great - but where is the policy needed to cut emissions today, tomorrow, this year? Because those future targets will become impossible to meet unless we crack on now

A European football Super league, with guarantees of no relegation from your domestic league?
Brilliant idea. Sheffield United want ‘in’ immediately. Otherwise it’s just a greedy joke.

@AlanSimpson01 Please tell people about this debate:


@AlanSimpson01 Please tell people about this debate:

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